Friday, November 23, 2012

ROP Animation Stuff

Here are some stuffs I did in my freshman and sophomore years in high school (I'm a senior in HS as of this post).

This was made in my freshman and some of sophomore year; the ever-traditional story of cat and mouse. I entered this in an ACME Animation competition in 2011 and thankfully, I won first place. I earned a certificate and three art-related books from that.

This one is a bird test I did in sophomore year. It's just a bird test.

This last one was done last year when I couldn't join ROP because I had three AP classes, which would stress me out if I took the animation class again. I did this in an app that came with my Bamboo Wacom tablet, which is ok in my opinion, and it's inspired by my cat when she freaks out. The only thing that bugs me is when the cat sprints away, but the rest before that I think I did very well.

That's all from me so far. God bless.

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