Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Message to All Girls

Personally, I used to hate how my body looked. I used to envy girls with a small ribcage, different from my larger ribcage. I used to think it made me look... Masculine. Also, I had braces a few years ago, and I hated that, too. I hated my smile with them, how I talked with them...

But being a Christian, it took me time to finally realize that God made me the way I am, and if you ever noticed my signature, it mentions God being the greatest artist of all. I said that because I know that and I believe it fully. God blessed me with a healthy body and family, I wouldn't ask for anything else from him.

I began to acknowledge the compliments I get from relatives about how I look, because it means so much to me. It makes me think that, "Oh, they now see my new confident attitude, and they think I'm beautiful for that."

Girls, what I think beautiful means is that one is strong, confident and just damn sweet and gentle on the inside. If that is on the inside, that reflects your outside. That's why the inside matters so much; it gives others the impression that outside, we're good people. We're beautiful girls.

Hell, you can find an exterior "hot and sexy" girl and probably find the interior just plain ugly. They have ugly attitudes (I don't mean ALL of them, of course).

And girls, don't ever care about how you look like for a guy, too. Most guys these days are jerks anyway, but chivalry IS still alive. So save yourselves and just wait. I know I am willing to wait for the right guy for me to come along. I never had a real boyfriend, to be honest, and I don't plan to for a few years. I believe that God has a plan for that, and I'll let Him come to me on His own time.

I know that He has someone out there for me with qualities I desire, especially Christian faith, because a person who loves God loves their neighbors, and that he'd call me beautiful because of my personality, my dreams and talents and the fact that God crafted me to be the strong young woman I am. Why? Because I have faith in myself.

It's like this; if you can love yourself, how can you expect others to love you. People LOVE a person with a great attitude and great confidence. We should be like that, too, no matter how we look. To me, this is just flesh.

If beauty means so much on the outside, then why dies it die out? Why does it decompose? It doesn't mean anything. Not a single meaning in this world than for our souls to communicate with other souls. And that's the thing; to quote from the "Iron Giant", "Souls don't die."

I know that my soul is pure, gentle and moralistic by the way I've lived my life. Heck, I lost a helluva lot of friends in my life so far, but now I have the strength to ignore it, because there's nothing I can do about it anymore. I cannot stop them from going away from me, and that's fine with me. That was their choice. My only wish was that I had more loyal friends, because all I've ever had only left me in depression. But God helped me out of it when he reminded me how special and beautiful I am with my talents, my charm and my courtesy. He so much blessed me with everything important to me that now I do not care about popularity or how many friends I have or beauty. All I care about now is that what I do in my life is for God. I have so much love in me to share to everyone because of what He has shown me all this time.

All in all, God made me beautiful, and I'm more than satisfied to know that much.

God Bless

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