Saturday, August 3, 2013

El Pajaro

El Pajaro

Hola, pajarito.
Comó estás?
Puedo pedirte un favor?
Puedes darme tus alas?

Yo quiero volar.
Quiero ser libre.
Yo quiero volar a los cielos
Y a ver al mundo tan alto.

Siento por molestarte,
Pero si puedes,
Dame mi deseo...
Para escapar y para vivir.

I wanted to practice on my Spanish, so I thought I'd educate myself with that by my writing poetry. Also, I love birds and the sense of freedom, since I want that so much.

Friday, August 2, 2013


Drawing them ladies is fun. :3 Still practicing. But I love practicing with short hair, since character designers hardly do girls with these kinds of hairstyles.

I would think of this one of an example of innocence. I would be that shy. But it's pretty good for not having life drawing classes, even though I do need them. Just a random note, THIS IS NOT ME. I just like drawing short-haired girls. I wouldn't even draw myself this way; I'm too shy.

Did this in color theory. Merely doodles.

Jazz Update

Well, apparently, my group decided to name this character Jazz (the leader, I guessed, saw my signature on my email, which had Jazz on it). But I thought it fit. :) Besides, the name could also relate to the history on 20s animation since jazz was the main genre of music at the time. :) anyway, these were the rigging images our leader, Anthony, sent me. He did a great job!

This is very great! And I hope to voice this character very soon! Enjoy!