Monday, December 31, 2012


This is something super-old I did for my Soarin project. That there's Milo the secretary bird. I'll elaborate more on his character soon.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cute Yet Stupid: Candi Flutterbuzz

Since I wanted to broaden myself in my art styles, I wanted to create a wacky and insane character with mental problems. Which is Candi Flutterbuzz.

Candi has a butterfly mother who had a thing with a stupid fly. The butterfly mother and fly divorced after a year and mother took Candi with her upon seeing how lazy father fly is. Mother got remarried to a bee and he had a daughter as well, named Beatrice.

Well, Candi, being a butterfly/fly hybrid, inherited her father's stupidity. As she grew up, she became unstable, silly and secretly evil. Why? She doesn't have a reason, which is how hyper and crazy she is. She just wants to have fun in her life.

Her step sister Beatrice is the exact opposite. She is serious, organized and very mature. She always has to care for Candi to make sure she doesn't do anything stupid.

All in all, Candi is an idiotic girl in the care of her step sister throughout her insane adventures. This is more like an animated tv show idea.

Friday, November 23, 2012

ROP Animation Stuff

Here are some stuffs I did in my freshman and sophomore years in high school (I'm a senior in HS as of this post).

This was made in my freshman and some of sophomore year; the ever-traditional story of cat and mouse. I entered this in an ACME Animation competition in 2011 and thankfully, I won first place. I earned a certificate and three art-related books from that.

This one is a bird test I did in sophomore year. It's just a bird test.

This last one was done last year when I couldn't join ROP because I had three AP classes, which would stress me out if I took the animation class again. I did this in an app that came with my Bamboo Wacom tablet, which is ok in my opinion, and it's inspired by my cat when she freaks out. The only thing that bugs me is when the cat sprints away, but the rest before that I think I did very well.

That's all from me so far. God bless.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Amora the Ocelot-Margay Cat

Here's Amora from my "Soarin" project. She's a cat with an attitude and the kind of girl who believes she's always right. She loves to put others down by pointing out their stupidity, and she develops a rivalry with fellow traveler Sirrus since she has a hate for reptiles.

So, all in all, she's the kind of chick who wants all the attention and leadership.

Sirrus the Ball Python

Here's another character of one of my other stories called "Soarin". He's a ball python named Sirrus and he's timid and a bit cowardly... but he is also the sweetest and cutest little snake anyone's ever met. He has a childlike personality and hates to be part of an argument or else he has a nervous breakdown.

This drawing I did when I was a sophomore, the month I initially came up with the story idea. Of course, I wasn't as good as I am now, so keep in mind that I DID do more designs of Sirrus in 2010-2011; they just weren't pretty-looking and this one is the only one that looked appealing to me, at least, for being old.

These were done in fall 2011, and I didn't really like the idea of huge bulging eyes. To me, it didn't look cute, and the purpose of this character is to be childlike and cute.

Then there came a time when I didn't know what the heck I thought when I decided, "Hey, why don't I just make him look like Kaa? Only smaller, nicer-looking, and with bigger eyes?" Of course, I couldn't deny the fact that it.... it just wouldn't work.

Then I decided, "Okay, I already made my other characters for this project look realistic. They all have realism except this Sirrus kid. I guess it's time to search ball python photos." So I did a bit of visual research on ball pythons and I think the final result on the design was far more excellent than what I anticipated before. He looks adorable, appealing, and looks the right size for his type of character: the cute little kid who just wants to be loved despite his identity. The treatment I did with the eyes made him more sympathetic, which was my aim to make the audience, who would most likely be snake-fearing, actually want to hug the miniature python.

I know that after people see this character, they will surely think that Sirrus will make them love him despite the stereotype of snakes being heartless creatures; because this little guy has one.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Message to All Girls

Personally, I used to hate how my body looked. I used to envy girls with a small ribcage, different from my larger ribcage. I used to think it made me look... Masculine. Also, I had braces a few years ago, and I hated that, too. I hated my smile with them, how I talked with them...

But being a Christian, it took me time to finally realize that God made me the way I am, and if you ever noticed my signature, it mentions God being the greatest artist of all. I said that because I know that and I believe it fully. God blessed me with a healthy body and family, I wouldn't ask for anything else from him.

I began to acknowledge the compliments I get from relatives about how I look, because it means so much to me. It makes me think that, "Oh, they now see my new confident attitude, and they think I'm beautiful for that."

Girls, what I think beautiful means is that one is strong, confident and just damn sweet and gentle on the inside. If that is on the inside, that reflects your outside. That's why the inside matters so much; it gives others the impression that outside, we're good people. We're beautiful girls.

Hell, you can find an exterior "hot and sexy" girl and probably find the interior just plain ugly. They have ugly attitudes (I don't mean ALL of them, of course).

And girls, don't ever care about how you look like for a guy, too. Most guys these days are jerks anyway, but chivalry IS still alive. So save yourselves and just wait. I know I am willing to wait for the right guy for me to come along. I never had a real boyfriend, to be honest, and I don't plan to for a few years. I believe that God has a plan for that, and I'll let Him come to me on His own time.

I know that He has someone out there for me with qualities I desire, especially Christian faith, because a person who loves God loves their neighbors, and that he'd call me beautiful because of my personality, my dreams and talents and the fact that God crafted me to be the strong young woman I am. Why? Because I have faith in myself.

It's like this; if you can love yourself, how can you expect others to love you. People LOVE a person with a great attitude and great confidence. We should be like that, too, no matter how we look. To me, this is just flesh.

If beauty means so much on the outside, then why dies it die out? Why does it decompose? It doesn't mean anything. Not a single meaning in this world than for our souls to communicate with other souls. And that's the thing; to quote from the "Iron Giant", "Souls don't die."

I know that my soul is pure, gentle and moralistic by the way I've lived my life. Heck, I lost a helluva lot of friends in my life so far, but now I have the strength to ignore it, because there's nothing I can do about it anymore. I cannot stop them from going away from me, and that's fine with me. That was their choice. My only wish was that I had more loyal friends, because all I've ever had only left me in depression. But God helped me out of it when he reminded me how special and beautiful I am with my talents, my charm and my courtesy. He so much blessed me with everything important to me that now I do not care about popularity or how many friends I have or beauty. All I care about now is that what I do in my life is for God. I have so much love in me to share to everyone because of what He has shown me all this time.

All in all, God made me beautiful, and I'm more than satisfied to know that much.

God Bless

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Arella Johnston

Yes, her last name relates to Ollie Johnston. Call it a tribute.

Arella is a young teenage Christian girl who's a prodigy in piano but severely blind. She befriends a teenage boy named Sam Crest, who is a troublemaker since he found out his father left him and his mother without a conscience. Their story begins with a piano project to compose an original piece and after this project, Sam wants to learn more about Arella.

It's a story of faith, love, and freedom, and yes, it has a lot of Christian undertones in it.

El Salvador Photos and Designs

Here are some photos I took of my amazing trip to El Salvador, which is kind of a second home to me even though I went there only twice, but I get a certain special feeling when I'm there.

I'm Salvadoran, given my father's side of the family, and with that he experienced a bit of the Salvadoran Civil War in the 80s. You could say that, plus the film about that same war, called "Voces Inocentes", inspired me to make my own film about how a young woman named Luz "Lucita" Hernandez encounters an American soldier and is treated a life-or-death journey out of the dangerous country to the US.

The story accompanies Lucita Hernandez, a troubled young Salvadoran woman who lost both her parents to the merciless Salvadoran government soldiers, and is raised by her Tía (aunt). She is close friends with her cousin, Carmen Hernandez, who develops an addiction to smoking in her adult life.

Robert "Robby" Jenkins is an American young man who was raised by a wealthy family, but given their high standards, career-wise, Robby finds that if he can't become an artist, he might as well get himself drafted to the army with a best friend, willing to see what's outside the barrier of the United States. After getting drafted to El Salvador, Robby sees how hard the country lives and learns about the issues between El Salvador and the US.

He meets Lucita accidentally while scouting around and at first sight, Lucita is afraid of him. Salvadorans then considered Americans being the enemy helping the government. But when she gains trust in him to help her out of her home and somewhere she could feel safe, she takes the risk, only knowing that the least she could do is try.

This story is inspired by my father's journey, and it's probably my most detailed story out of all my others.