Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cute Yet Stupid: Candi Flutterbuzz

Since I wanted to broaden myself in my art styles, I wanted to create a wacky and insane character with mental problems. Which is Candi Flutterbuzz.

Candi has a butterfly mother who had a thing with a stupid fly. The butterfly mother and fly divorced after a year and mother took Candi with her upon seeing how lazy father fly is. Mother got remarried to a bee and he had a daughter as well, named Beatrice.

Well, Candi, being a butterfly/fly hybrid, inherited her father's stupidity. As she grew up, she became unstable, silly and secretly evil. Why? She doesn't have a reason, which is how hyper and crazy she is. She just wants to have fun in her life.

Her step sister Beatrice is the exact opposite. She is serious, organized and very mature. She always has to care for Candi to make sure she doesn't do anything stupid.

All in all, Candi is an idiotic girl in the care of her step sister throughout her insane adventures. This is more like an animated tv show idea.

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