Monday, November 19, 2012

Sirrus the Ball Python

Here's another character of one of my other stories called "Soarin". He's a ball python named Sirrus and he's timid and a bit cowardly... but he is also the sweetest and cutest little snake anyone's ever met. He has a childlike personality and hates to be part of an argument or else he has a nervous breakdown.

This drawing I did when I was a sophomore, the month I initially came up with the story idea. Of course, I wasn't as good as I am now, so keep in mind that I DID do more designs of Sirrus in 2010-2011; they just weren't pretty-looking and this one is the only one that looked appealing to me, at least, for being old.

These were done in fall 2011, and I didn't really like the idea of huge bulging eyes. To me, it didn't look cute, and the purpose of this character is to be childlike and cute.

Then there came a time when I didn't know what the heck I thought when I decided, "Hey, why don't I just make him look like Kaa? Only smaller, nicer-looking, and with bigger eyes?" Of course, I couldn't deny the fact that it.... it just wouldn't work.

Then I decided, "Okay, I already made my other characters for this project look realistic. They all have realism except this Sirrus kid. I guess it's time to search ball python photos." So I did a bit of visual research on ball pythons and I think the final result on the design was far more excellent than what I anticipated before. He looks adorable, appealing, and looks the right size for his type of character: the cute little kid who just wants to be loved despite his identity. The treatment I did with the eyes made him more sympathetic, which was my aim to make the audience, who would most likely be snake-fearing, actually want to hug the miniature python.

I know that after people see this character, they will surely think that Sirrus will make them love him despite the stereotype of snakes being heartless creatures; because this little guy has one.

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