Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Here's an idea I have in mind that would probably most likely replace my idea for "The Passage". This one features a young woman named Faith Morales who is angsty, but she also has her morals(morales is Spanish for morals) and honest thinking. She obviously cares for those she loves and has good intentions, but after she is left with her brother, Peter, and her cat Tiger, in a post-apocalyptic world, she is put to the ultimate test to save souls taken hostage by Lucifene, a half-demon who seeks to be empress of the Earth with her demon dog minions. Faith's job is to save those souls to get to Heaven and find peace in herself once and for all.

Here's my design for Lucifene. The idea first came to mind when I first heard the song, "Kill Everybody" by Skrillex(I'm a techno-head, by the way). I figured I would make a character that would match the song and I immediately went to design Lucifene. The designs are in chronological order.

Here's the initial design for Faith Morales. It's very rough. Very simple.

I made her into a cat-angel for some reason. I'm still deciding whether or not this should be canon to my idea. Maybe...

Here's Faith's ALMOST-final design. I liked putting her in a leather jacket and giving more of a punky look. It gives her that angsty vibe. I'm also a huge fan of short hair(which I possess).

Here, I enhanced her punkiness by adding piercings to her face. They symbolize her rebelliousness to society. But not like usual rebelliousness of young punk teens. She finds stereotypes a disgrace to life and that people should like each other for others' boldness in openly being themselves, like she does with her punk look without it possessing her. She also doesn't judge people by their looks or actions. The least she'd do is feel disappointed in people and their decisions. But her mentality is "if you feel that's the best decision for you, go ahead and do it. But be aware of the consequences."

She's very badass.

Lucifene again along with how she looked like when she was still human before she got possessed, when she was a sweet but mentally and emotionally abused girl.

My aim is to show the differences between these two girls. They don't know each other at all, but Faith is the kind of person who doesn't let society influence her in any way, especially since her childhood, she was teased for her lightness of skin when she's Hispanic, her weight and her punky look, yet she ignored it and liked herself the way she it. But the girl Lucifene used to be was sweet and good-natured, but the bullying she recieved for her small and skinny stature and her vulnerability got to her deeply that she sold her soul to be stronger than everyone else as revenge. As the demon within her slowly took her body, the girl becomes trapped and regretful for her decision, costing many lives.

So, that's all I have now. Enjoy.

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