Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lament of a Cowardly Spirit

Lament of my Cowardly Spirit

Between us there is broken glass
Shattered and mercilessly fractured
The acuminous edges so jagged and crass
That'd impair more the dispute if me it captured.
Still if one could feel both alive and dead
I feel like so, nonexistent, an apparition
As I weep my shadow curse in my bed
Entreat tears of my imprudent decision
If love were promise and forever abiding
Then why my allies forsake me ultimately
My trust they defraud, passing, dying
With I undesired ignorantly, impatiently
So the glass I dare not touch
Admitting cowardice with a whimper
Not wanting the truth, if painful and such
Scared to even say a bloody whisper
This murky spirit cries out this song
Oh, deceitful hope, please prove me wrong.

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